Fitzduff Family Fellowship

    The Fitzduff Family Fellowship
    Full-tuition Fellowship

    The Fitzduff Family Fellowship will be awarded to an international student in the Conflict Resolution and Coexistence program who demonstrates commitment to working on social and pubic policy issues of coexistence and diversity management. The purpose of the fellowship is to help build sustainable institutions within a country or region that can assist the development of equality, diversity and interdependence between conflicted societal groups. The Social Policy and Coexistence Fellowship includes full tuition and health insurance for the year-in-residence, and continuation fees for the subsequent summer and fall terms. The Fellowship does not include university fees, airfare, or living expenses.


    • The applicant must already be working in a government or international governmental organization, and must be working or intending to work within the next two years, on issues of coexistence/diversity within their region or country. Applicants who are civil society leaders, or in a position to directly impact social policy in their home country will also be considered.

    • All participants will be required to submit an annual report for 3 years after they return to their organization, showing how they have used their Conflict Resolution and Coexistence knowledge and skills within their region or country. This will detail e.g. what new coexistence policies/ practices have been developed, what existing practices have been strengthened and what institutions/units within government or an international organization have been created, the challenges the graduates faced, and whether (or not) such work is now seen as an essential part of the future work of the government/organization.

    Application Process

    In addition to submitting a complete application to the Conflict Resolution and Coexistence program, fellowship applicants must submit the following materials:

    • A personal statement that discusses their proposed work, what it is likely to entail, and why doing the MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence will help them to be successful in undertaking the work.

    • A letter from their organization which confirms that the applicant is applying for the scholarship with the agreement and support of their organization.

    • An interview, either in person or by telephone may be required.

    Application Deadlines

    • Scholarship preference is given to those who submit their application by Round 1: January 15th

    • Applications may be considered after the above date, but applicants need to remember that the admission processes can be lengthy, particularly for international students who need visas.

    Please note: applicants who are not selected will not be notified.

    Fitzduff Family Fellowship